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28 Jun 2016

Those who love to play poker know that there are a lot of different kinds of poker – different rules, different environments, different strategies. In fact, playing with different people in and of itself will result in different games. For those who want to explore the various kinds of entertainment, it pays to first take a look at the difference between playing a traditional live game, and playing the same version online. Whilst the rules of live and online poker may be similar (or even the same), the difference between the two does result in having to adjust to your environment. Here’s a look at the main differences between live and online poker games.


Speed is varied. At a traditional live game, games tend to progress slowly and you’ll be able to play about 40 games per hour – if that. Online games go a lot faster, and although it’s not common, it’s not unheard of to play 100 to 120 games per hour. Things really move a lot faster when it’s online (and it’s also much faster when it comes to speed poker, a type of poker game). It’s common for online players who switch to live games to get frustrated at the slower pace.

Aggression and caution

There seems to be a difference in personality when it comes to online players and live players – although this may be solely due to the environment they’re playing in. Online players seem to get more aggressive, whilst live players tend to be more cautious. It’s just a general observation, of course; there are aggressive live players just as there are cautious online players. It’s also more common to change tactics when playing online.


There are those who play poker to win money, there are those who play for fun, and there are those who play because they want to be recognised as the best. In this regard, live games still attract more ambitious players who like to dress up, look mysterious, and be adored by the rest of the crowd.

In general, the main difference is of course the fact that you feel more comfortable in your own office or room when playing online – it’s okay to have to snacks, you don’t need to hide your face for fear of giving away emotions, and confidence levels are higher when you sit in your own favourite chair. But there’s still nothing quite like playing a live game, when nerves can go through the roof and you are sure there’s at least one person who’s constantly watching you for any signs of weakness. The rules may be the same, but the environment is drastically altered – and that ensures special (unwritten) rules. Try them both and see which suits you best before you bet too much.

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