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The poker game somehow made a transition into mainstream in recent years. Its unbelievable popular, in large audiences, from young people to middle age and elderly folks, it's seems everyone is playing the game in one of its versions. And that fact is really amazing considering poker was thought to be a taboo, a gamblers game where most "honest" folks wouldn't want to come close to.

But that, has changes dramatically, as more and more players discover how fun the game really is, and since you can play it from literally every corner of the world, it was only a matter of time before the game will go mainstream, and as many agrees with that notion, it certainly has. With movies, huge tournaments, T.V shows, and many national attention, it is become more obvious to the gambling industry and in general, that poker is here to stay, and the game will only grow as time goes by.

Manny players are already hooked, and more young people continue to discover and play. Research also showed, that while you can make money of playing poker, what attracts most people is the thrill, the fun of winning even a friendly game with friends, and without even plating for cash. The ability to put on your "poker face", bluff your way into success is exciting, as normally in real life, we don't get to bluff, and get way with that..

Love it or hate it, online poker is here to stay, and the niche will only get bigger. Today, millions of people are playing in various sites. some for coins, others for cash, but the imagination of the players, combined with it's accessibility, creates a huge monster, and as long as folks keep having fun, and sometimes, some cash, it will continue to grow and stay one of the world's most popular games without a doubt.

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