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There are several online poker playing styles to choose from. There are as many styles as there are players, strategies and techniques. One of the most common playing styles you will notice is the one referred to as tight passive. Here, a player makes minimum effort. He only does nothing other than the bare minimum required of him. The player rarely contributes a lot to the game. The player might use this as a strategy or simply because it is his character and he cannot change.

If you want to play poker, whether it is online or offline, you need to use a style known as tight aggressive. It is the complete opposite of tight passive. This style requires players to play only their best hands when starting the game. However, when they are sure that they have the best hands, they will not be afraid to make big bets. Furthermore, if you have good draws, nothing should stop you from calling the hand. Everything else can and should be thrown away if tight aggressive is your preferred style.

Loose aggressive and loose passive are the other common online poker playing styles you are likely to come across in the industry. As a loose aggressive player, your chances of making money are at par with those of a player using the tight aggressive playing style. Aggression is integral to playing poker. A strong style of play will get you results more than using a weak style. A loose aggressive player bets and raises a lot, all in an effort to throw opponents off balance or catch them unawares while boosting his chances.

The worst online poker playing hands to try is what is referred to as loose passive. This style will attract nothing other than loses on a regular basis. It should be avoided due to its higher rates of failure as online poker playing styles.

It also makes difference sometimes from where you play the games. for instance when playing in an online casino in Australia can be different from playing in the US, as you are playing against different people with different styles.

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