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There are several online poker playing styles to choose from. There are as many styles as there are players, strategies and techniques. One of the most common playing styles you will notice is the one referred to as tight passive. Here, a player makes minimum effort. He only does nothing other than the bare minimum required of him. The player rarely contributes a lot to the game. The player might use this as a strategy or simply because it is his character and he cannot change.

If you want to play poker, whether it is online or offline, you need to use a style known as tight aggressive. It is the complete opposite of tight passive. This style requires players to play only their best hands when starting the game. However, when they are sure that they have the best hands, they will not be afraid to make big bets. Furthermore, if you have good draws, nothing should stop you from calling the hand. Everything else can and should be thrown away if tight aggressive is your preferred style.

Loose aggressive and loose passive are the other common online poker playing styles you are likely to come across in the industry. As a loose aggressive player, your chances of making money are at par with those of a player using the tight aggressive playing style. Aggression is integral to playing poker. A strong style of play will get you results more than using a weak style. A loose aggressive player bets and raises a lot, all in an effort to throw opponents off balance or catch them unawares while boosting his chances.

The worst online poker playing hands to try is what is referred to as loose passive. This style will attract nothing other than loses on a regular basis. It should be avoided due to its higher rates of failure as online poker playing styles.

It also makes difference sometimes from where you play the games. for instance when playing in an online casino in Australia can be different from playing in the US, as you are playing against different people with different styles.

Bluffing in a poker game is required to win more pots and confuse opponents. To be a good poker player, bluffing the opponent is a must. There are many poker tournament craziest bluff which you can watch online and correct your mistakes. You can also plan strategies after seeing them so that you can play and win. you can do so at any reputable site.

It is important to know when to bluff in a poker game, otherwise bluffing will be at vain. If you go for a ‘Sick’ bluff, the opponent will go for a ‘Tilt’ thus opening more opportunity for bluffing. Again, it is always better to bluff against one opponent rather than several players.

Position relative to the button is an important factor of bluffing in a Poker. Bluffing will be easier when you are nearest to the button and the last player to act. It is advantageous that you should see all other actions before you act.

Timing is another important factor for bluffing and winning the game. You must be calculative and have the intuition to the time to leave the game. Usually the break-even point of betting is 20%, that is, you must win at least once in five games. At the time of bluffing you must ask a question to yourself that will the bluffing at that moment result in winning the game more than 20%. If the answer is yes, go for betting, otherwise do not. Observe the game and take notes before taking any decisions.

Speed is an important part of bluffing as well. You must know when to make aggressive moves and when to use the brakes. To push over an opponent with monster hands or to stop moving against the opponent with a weak hand are the two major blunders of the game as both the situations cost maximum money. It is of utmost importance that you should understand the situation where you are standing. You should make an almost accurate judgment about your opponents. Whether they are loose enough to call that inside straight draw or call with bottom pair, whether they are predictable players that only call top pair, and, most important, whether they are weak enough to call the flop and fold the turn. Keep bullying if you have a good chance, but otherwise, give up.

One thing is for sure, practice makes things perfect. The more you practice the more you will be perfect. It is very natural that you can be scared or, at least, nervous at the time of bluffing. More and more practice will help you to overcome these mental blockages.

The poker game somehow made a transition into mainstream in recent years. Its unbelievable popular, in large audiences, from young people to middle age and elderly folks, it's seems everyone is playing the game in one of its versions. And that fact is really amazing considering poker was thought to be a taboo, a gamblers game where most "honest" folks wouldn't want to come close to.

But that, has changes dramatically, as more and more players discover how fun the game really is, and since you can play it from literally every corner of the world, it was only a matter of time before the game will go mainstream, and as many agrees with that notion, it certainly has. With movies, huge tournaments, T.V shows, and many national attention, it is become more obvious to the gambling industry and in general, that poker is here to stay, and the game will only grow as time goes by.

Manny players are already hooked, and more young people continue to discover and play. Research also showed, that while you can make money of playing poker, what attracts most people is the thrill, the fun of winning even a friendly game with friends, and without even plating for cash. The ability to put on your "poker face", bluff your way into success is exciting, as normally in real life, we don't get to bluff, and get way with that..

Love it or hate it, online poker is here to stay, and the niche will only get bigger. Today, millions of people are playing in various sites. some for coins, others for cash, but the imagination of the players, combined with it's accessibility, creates a huge monster, and as long as folks keep having fun, and sometimes, some cash, it will continue to grow and stay one of the world's most popular games without a doubt.

There are many great poker players in the world today. Phil Hellmuth, Chris Moneymaker, Steve O’Dwyer, Paul Volpe, John O’Shea are just a few of the best players in the world. However, the question that is usually first in the minds of many people is: Did they win by sheer chance or did they employ some strategy? how can you play poker to win ? how to play texas holdem to win ? Read on to see some great tips that you can try out The internet has made it easier for many poker players to enjoy poker without having to rush to the casino. But you need to brace yourself because the online game comes with different challenges even for the casino experts.

Play to Learn

As earlier said, online poker will present different challenges. To ensure that your first reaction is not a total failure, select the stakes that provide low risks. The intention of choosing that category is to make sure that you understand many online strategies. This choice will ensure that your mind is set on learning more as opposed to winning or losing money.

Playing online poker needs one to start with the basic and then progress slowly without thinking of the risk of losing a lot of money. While on the lower betting games you will earn more on the lobby, betting features, cashier page, offers and bonuses. Some of the variations of the online poker with the table poker include the speed and the number of hands. Learn about the different buttons like the muck button and the check buttons. Remember, bluff only when it is necessary.

Keep away from distractions

Ensure that you fully enjoy the poker game by setting up all the equipments including the PC, your chair and anything else that you need. Try putting the sound on and off to discover how well you play. Depending on the level of your attentiveness, you can play in a noisy place or a quiet place.

Remember distractions can make you miss the online poker player’s moves. The online poker has the chat session where the poker players release their emotions on the game. If the comments are too spiteful for you then turn the chat off to be attentive. You can also manage your moods regardless of whether you are happy or pissed only putting neutral comments on the chat. Online poker players will use your display of affection to frustrate you and let you make careless emotional moves.

Those who love to play poker know that there are a lot of different kinds of poker – different rules, different environments, different strategies. In fact, playing with different people in and of itself will result in different games. For those who want to explore the various kinds of entertainment, it pays to first take a look at the difference between playing a traditional live game, and playing the same version online. Whilst the rules of live and online poker may be similar (or even the same), the difference between the two does result in having to adjust to your environment. Here’s a look at the main differences between live and online poker games.


Speed is varied. At a traditional live game, games tend to progress slowly and you’ll be able to play about 40 games per hour – if that. Online games go a lot faster, and although it’s not common, it’s not unheard of to play 100 to 120 games per hour. Things really move a lot faster when it’s online (and it’s also much faster when it comes to speed poker, a type of poker game). It’s common for online players who switch to live games to get frustrated at the slower pace.

Aggression and caution

There seems to be a difference in personality when it comes to online players and live players – although this may be solely due to the environment they’re playing in. Online players seem to get more aggressive, whilst live players tend to be more cautious. It’s just a general observation, of course; there are aggressive live players just as there are cautious online players. It’s also more common to change tactics when playing online.


There are those who play poker to win money, there are those who play for fun, and there are those who play because they want to be recognised as the best. In this regard, live games still attract more ambitious players who like to dress up, look mysterious, and be adored by the rest of the crowd.

In general, the main difference is of course the fact that you feel more comfortable in your own office or room when playing online – it’s okay to have to snacks, you don’t need to hide your face for fear of giving away emotions, and confidence levels are higher when you sit in your own favourite chair. But there’s still nothing quite like playing a live game, when nerves can go through the roof and you are sure there’s at least one person who’s constantly watching you for any signs of weakness. The rules may be the same, but the environment is drastically altered – and that ensures special (unwritten) rules. Try them both and see which suits you best before you bet too much.

One of the things related to poker we hear about on a daily basis is how people risk their money and properties when gambling, as we also hear about individuals becoming very rich by playing a game they had never considered becoming a pro in. The difference between these two kinds of persons is not only expertise, but also avoiding some very common mistakes online poker players commit. If you don’t want to be one of them, here are some good tips for you about things to avoid when playing online poker.

• Crawl before you start running - Just because it’s online, it doesn’t mean you can play it without knowing the rules and practicing. Indeed, there are many online games in which you don't need to master them perfectly before playing them, but online poker is not like them. Some online poker sites even have a poker school like this one, so as to help players understand tricks and tips to play the game before they put their money down. So if you think you may use some advice before starting you definitely need to check out some of those tips.

• Don’t play too many hands - Playing poker is a matter of patience, strategy and calm. It’s a game in which there are times when you have to refrain from playing. Just because the cards you have in your hands are good doesn’t mean you ought to play them. Play only when the odds of winning are at your favor, when you feel the other players on the table have a far worse point than yours. Generally speaking, the player who plays last (which is the one dealing the cards) is the one with the most important advantage, since at that point the other players have already placed their bet, and the lower the bet is the more likely it is that they don't have good cards. If the stakes on the table are high and your point isn't that amazing, it's better to pass and save money than to risk and loose it all.

• Keep an eye on your bankroll - Again, poker is a game that requires capacity of control and discipline. Don’t play your chips just because you have them, or you’ll end up with zero bills in a split second. Indeed, bankroll management guidelines are not made to take money from players, but to help them understand their limits and control.

• Consider your mood - We wouldn’t want to be repetitive, but attitude in poker is all. You should never play when you are angry, tired, vengeful or stressed. There is a high risk of you not being able to think straight, and thus lead you to bet higher than you should, yearning for some kind of victory or strong emotions. However, emotions and poker are a lethal cocktail: if you want to truly win in these conditions, don’t play! Check out for signs on the table, and if you sense it's not going to be your day, leave.

• Keep your opponents in mind - many poker players tend to play only considering the cards in their hands and the games they are doing. However, poker is also about considering and studying the moves of the others and the fact that their opponents could have better games than your own. Pick up on patterns and tells. Understand the way they approach the game and what strategy they adopt when they have a good game in their hands.

• To bluff or not to bluff? - Bluffing is an art, and not anytime is the best time to pretend you hold an incredible game. If you're not an expert in the subject here's a tip: when your opponents are not betting high it means they're not too sure about their game, which is the perfect time to pretend yours is the best of them all; sure you will not have incredible winnings, but in case you suffer from a loss it won't be as much as when the stakes are high. for more information, casino comparing and reviews go online for casinos reviews and recommendations.

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