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As online Bingo gains popularity, more and more online casinos add Bingo rooms either on the same website as the casino or as a sister website. For those players who like both casino games and Bingo, The Casino has collected all information about those in one place. Currently, there are more than 50 casinos with Bingo Room reviewed.

To find casinos that also have a Bingo room, go to the main page of To Casino and click on 'All Casinos'. You will see the list of all online casinos in the database , more than 630 total, on the right side of the page, and the list of the search filters on the left. In the 'Ownership and Associations' filter you can find an 'Also offers' drop-down menu that has a list of all additional betting options casinos have to offer: Bingo room, financials, lottery, poker room, race book, skill games, and sports book. Upon selecting Bingo Room in the menu, you will see the list of casinos with Bingo organized by Key Rating. You can organize them by My Rating when you register and select the options in the user account or add the casinos that you like in My Casinos list.

For every site in the database, Key team collects and constantly updates information that is neatly organized in the Detailed Review. Additional betting options are listed in the Ownership and Associations section of the casino review. By clicking on Bingo Room you will go directly to the Bingo site associated with this casino. You may register and enjoy the game.

Last week saw the two vary prestigious industry events take place; The Online Bingo Summit, and the WhichBingo awards. The later of these two was caused quite a stir. Although Which Bingo UK has hosted an online bingo awards since 2006, in its previous format it was simply an online poll with no physical ceremony. As the years went by the enthusiasm for this awards format continued to subside, and some might even say that Bingo Port’s awards had become more prestigious. However, this year WhichBingo set to change this, by raising the bar.

WhichBingo Awards 2014 at the Skyloft

This year the online polls were accompanied by a Physical awards ceremony in London hosted in the wonderful Skyloft bar at the top of the Millbank tower in London. This change in format was very well received by the industry, and hundreds turned up to the awards evening. In the end Jackpotjoy and Gamesys more generally stole the show. Jackpotjoy took three awards, including Best Online Bingo Site, and Sun Bingo took two awards meaning that Gamesys sites took a total of 5 awards. QuickThink Media took two awards with Bubble Bonus Bingo taking Best New Online Bingo Site, and Iceland bingo taking Best Boutique Bingo Site. The other two winners were Paddy Power Bingo who took the award in the innovative category of Most Socially Responsible Bingo Site and finally Virtue Fusion were took the award of Best Online Bingo Software. The night was well received by many in the industry who greatly appreciated the free bar, and enjoying what was a great party. No doubt many will be eager to return next year, and it may become an even bigger event.

WhichBingo site?

WhichBingo has always prided itself on delivering customers with relevant first rate information on all the latest and greatest offers that online bingo has to provide. WhichBingo UK has a comprehensive list of no deposit offers that are unrivalled by any other site. Their bingo directory lists over 400 sites, and it is the largest bingo directory to be found in the UK. You can compare all these sites to search for the right one for you.

One of the most thrilling online games that one can engage in is Bingo, and the game can only get better if one is conversant with its dos and don’ts. However, most newbie players have the perception that winning bingo is based on luck, but seasoned veterans who have continued to play at great bingo sites, subscribe to the theories by Joseph E. Granville heavily dispute this.

A world-famed creator of several renowned strategies in the world market and a mathematician, Granville came up with a list of surefire steps that can assist both newbie and experienced online bingo players improve their approach in bingo to boost their profits.

According to Granville, one of the things to look out for in online bingo is the lack of randomness, as this will increase the chances of success. Many players assume that the chances of all balls being drawn are equal, but this is usually not the case. The following are the three principles in the Granville Theory.

  • There is always a particular balance among the odd and even numbers
  • There is always an equal number of the numbers that end in one (1), two (2) and three (3)
  • There is balance between the low and high numbers

In a 75 ball game, the average number of balls is 38, implying that if you consider the huge number of games; the average ball number among the called would be 38. It is essential to remember that this number is only an average and not a guarantee that all numbers called in all the games will give 38. However, you will be increasing your online bingo success chances if you get a Bingo card with printed numbers whose average is 38.

According to the second Granville’s principle, always pay attention to the first ten numbers. Again, picking a card with a wide range of numbers without a common last digit is also a surefire way of increasing your odds for success. Carefully observe the 16 squares on the 25 square cards and ensure that all of them represent a variety of last digits.

If you are interested in winning gamble money then online bingo can surely be one of the best ways to do it. Online bingo is among the top gambling games on the internet. There is a slight difference between the regular bingo and online bingo. You will be playing bingo with the assistance of balls that have been utilized in the real bingo halls. However, the case in online bingo isn’t exactly the same. You will be able to find numerous online bingo websites that will be using a random number generating software so that a fair gameplay can be improvised. There are primarily four different versions of bingo and you can surely find all of them being played on the internet. However, UK and US bingo have been able to get the attention of individuals all around the world.

US 75 ball version of bingo can surely be included in your considerations as this is a great way to gamble and earn money. However, if you are interested in quicker gameplay then 90 balls online bingo can be given considerable importance. The 30 ball bingo is also known as speed bingo. Similarly, if you are interested in excellent online fun then, 80 or 90 ball bingo can surely be kept in mind. There is a slight difference of gameplay in these four versions though all of them can surely be held liable for some serious earnings. One having certain expertise, fortune and experience in bingo can surely try online bingo. It’d be easier for an individual to be a part of the finest online bingo games with the assistance of internet. There are numerous gambling websites that can surely be included in your considerations if you are willing to attain outcomes with accordance to your expectations.

You have probably desired to play online bingo at one point or the other in your life. The only problem is that you can’t identify the best site for this game. What you need to know is that you are not alone. Many people simply can’t identify a good site from a bad one and they end up losing their cash, earnings and a lot more. However, with adequate research, this should not be much of a problem for you.

As a first step, you must invest in learning what online bingo sites generally offer their players. The Internet is replete with examples of sites from which you can get as much information as you desire on online bingo. Go to players’ forums and review sites. Ask questions on these forums and review sites and you will get the answers you need so as to identify the good from the bad sites for playing online bingo.

A good site where you can play online bingo is one which gives you the chance to close your account if you deem it necessary. There are sites which prohibit this and even where you are tired or simply wish to try something different, they will deny you the opportunity. This is an issue that you will need to take a close interest in and find out more.

The next issue is to examine the amount of money paid out as prizes for the top performers. Take a keen interest on whether the website has a history of remitting online bingo players’ wins or not. Don’t forget to evaluate the payment methods used by the site where online bingo is played. Always operate or play under the assumption that the website is the actual casino where online bingo is played.

The speed at which the site opens so that you can play online bingo is also crucial. Choose a site with user-friendly features to play online bingo.

No get-together of friends and family is complete without a game of Bingo or ‘Housie’ as it is called in some parts of the world. The rules for Bingo are very simple and even a child can take part enthusiastically. It is simply a game of chance and, of course, players have to be alert to quickly detect when they have a winning combination. It is this simplicity that made this game suitable to be played over the internet and has become highly popular as Online Bingo with over three million people playing this game in the United Kingdom.

The regular Bingo Games, played at Paddy Power Bingo among other sites, composed of a set of numbered balls or counters usually 90 numbered from one to ninety. Players can purchase Bingo cards each having a grid of three rows and nine columns. Each row contains five numbers. The game master pulls bingo balls from a bag and calls out the number. When any player has all the numbers in one row detected he is said to have won a ‘one line’. Players can win for the top middle and bottom rows. Finally, when a player gets all the numbers in his card selected he is said to have won ‘Full House’ and gets the maximum prize. In Online Bingo, the same actions are done using a display screen of a pc, laptop or smart phone instead of a Bingo card.

Players can chat with each other while playing Online Bingo and there is a Chat Master who monitors everything and ensures a congenial environment is maintained. To ensure large participation, many game operators pool together all the players, who have joined different game portals, so as to get larger revenues and bigger prizes. However, in the USA payment portals will not process payments for online games like Online Bingo so one should verify the laws in one’s home country before playing.