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Jun 28 2016

Those who love to play poker know that there are a lot of different kinds of poker – different rules, different environments, different strategies. In fact, playing with different people in and of itself will result in different games. For those who want to explore the various kinds of entertainment, it pays to first take a look at the difference between playing a traditional live game, and playing the same version online. Whilst the rules of live and online poker may be similar (or even the same), the difference between the two does result in having to adjust to your environment. Here’s a look at the main differences between live and online poker games.


Speed is varied. At a traditional live game, games tend to progress slowly and you’ll be able to play about 40 games per hour – if that. Online games go a lot faster, and although it’s not common, it’s not unheard of to play 100 to 120 games per hour. Things really move a lot faster when it’s online (and it’s also much faster when it comes to speed poker, a type of poker game). It’s common for online players who switch to live games to get frustrated at the slower pace.

Aggression and caution

There seems to be a difference in personality when it comes to online players and live players – although this may be solely due to the environment they’re playing in. Online players seem to get more aggressive, whilst live players tend to be more cautious. It’s just a general observation, of course; there are aggressive live players just as there are cautious online players. It’s also more common to change tactics when playing online.


There are those who play poker to win money, there are those who play for fun, and there are those who play because they want to be recognised as the best. In this regard, live games still attract more ambitious players who like to dress up, look mysterious, and be adored by the rest of the crowd.

In general, the main difference is of course the fact that you feel more comfortable in your own office or room when playing online – it’s okay to have to snacks, you don’t need to hide your face for fear of giving away emotions, and confidence levels are higher when you sit in your own favourite chair. But there’s still nothing quite like playing a live game, when nerves can go through the roof and you are sure there’s at least one person who’s constantly watching you for any signs of weakness. The rules may be the same, but the environment is drastically altered – and that ensures special (unwritten) rules. Try them both and see which suits you best before you bet too much.

We all love to relax a little, don’t we? It might be a quick break at work, while travelling, or at home in the evening. And most of us like a little adventure, too. And that’s exactly what Book of Ra slots provides – the chance to immerse yourself in the world of ancient Egypt on your own personal quest for the long-lost Book of Ra of the ancient Egyptian sun god.

The Book of Ra is one of the most loved online slots games ever produced, and is available online to play whenever you want, wherever you are. It’s even mobile friendly and supported for iPhone, Windows and Android mobile devices, so you really can play it anywhere, at any time, no matter how mobile you might be.

Paytables for Book of Ra

Like many other games by the same manufacturer, the paytables on Book of Ra slots is clearly displayed so that players can see exactly what the payouts for each spin are. The paytables are also clearly explained on the screen in great detail.

A quick check of the page will show players the winnings for each of the combinations provided in the 5 reels of the game. What’s more, winnings are shown in cash – instead of points, credits or other rewards.

Plenty of on-screen help

Players can also access a comprehensive section of rules which cover the paytables, with answers to frequently asked questions. This is all presented in a very pleasing graphic display and allows players to fully understand the rules and possible winning combinations associated with playing the Book of Ra slot game.

Players will love how the special feature free bonus spins are graphically illustrated to show how this unique feature can be triggered and how winnings can be compounded by the inclusion of special scatter symbols which increase the chances of winning one of the big prizes. There are even examples of this feature so players can actually see it in action before they decide to play and bet. This makes understanding the game even simpler and adds to the enjoyment of playing – as players know exactly how to take maximum advantage of this special feature rather than learning by trial and error.

One of the best RPPs for slots

The game also displays the RPP or the return to player percentage, which for Book of Ra usually runs around 96% to 97%, offering great odds for players. The RPP for Book of Ra is one of the best in the world of slot games – probably one of the primary reasons why this game has become a firm favourite with slot fans the world over, for many years, and indeed it has continued to attract an impressive number of players each year throughout its long history since the first version of the game appeared back in 2005.

So the next time you fancy a break – why not immerse yourself in the ancient world of Egyptian myths and history while playing the Book of Ra slot game.

Online gaming has risen to popular heights in the last decade. People all over the world love playing at online casinos. Royal Vegas online casino games allow you to make money while you play the games that you love. With such a variety; from baccarat to poker, and from slots to roulette –you will always be entertained. If you are new to the online gaming community, you may not be earning as much as you possibly could be. Have a look at this list of five suggestions that will help you improve your online gaming.


Upgrade your mouse

Sometimes having the right tools for the job really makes it a lot easier when it comes to succeeding. If you are serious about being on top of your game, having a specifically customizable gaming mouse , may be the edge you have been looking for. These days gaming mouses will come with programmable buttons. This means that you can literally program different buttons to do different actions, such as place a bet of a certain amount, hold, raise, or fold.

Study strategy

If you are playing a game that heavily relies on strategy and skill, like poker or blackjack , you may want to look at studying some specific strategies for the game of your choice. There are many online resources and articles that you can spend time reading to become more acquainted with good poker and blackjack strategies. In addition, you may want to watch some professional poker tournaments so you can have a window into what the professionals of the industry do to win big in tournaments.

Block out all distractions

It is hard to make the best decisions when you are distracted. Make sure that when you are gaming, you are able to block out all distractions. You do not want to be disturbed or bothered by your children or phone calls. Turn off your phone if necessary, in order to get into the zone and become ultra-focused on the game. Identify specific times of the day where you will be able to concentrate the best; this will give yourself an added advantage.

Take advantage of all promotions

If you see a promotion on your online casino, do not let it pass you by! Take full advantage of it. Most online casinos will give you generous new player welcome bonuses when you sign up. These can really help you maximize your winnings. Also have a look at the Rewards programs offered. Here, you can accrue points over time and later trade them in for playable money.

Practice, practice, practice


They say that practice makes perfect, and they are right! If you are not so  confident in a new game, try practicing in tournaments where you do not need to bet. Royal Vegas online casino offers Freerolls blackjack tournaments in addition to their popular buy-in tournaments. Once you have gained enough confidence, you can then join the big boys’ table and start placing bets to win! 

When you first sign up for a casino website, it is always important that you give yourself a chance to have a look around and appreciate everything that the site has to offer. Quite often, the best way to do this is simply to start playing on the site for free, without depositing anything, at any other trustworthy site, so then you can really get a good impression about how good the site is and what kind of games they have on offer. Here are just some of the reasons why playing on an online casino website for free when you first sign up is a very good idea.

No Risk Gaming

The first important factor is that it comes without any risks. If you are new to online casino gaming, then naturally you do not want to be losing a lot of money when you have just started out. Playing the games for free with no dpeosit to start with is a great way to figure out how all the games work and to see if they are suitable for the style of gaming that you want to play. It also gives you the chance to have a look at the odds and wagering systems in place so then you can set yourself a budget before you start playing with real money.

Tour The Website

Another great advantage of playing on a casino website for free to start with is that it gives you the chance to have a proper look around a website. While you may have been given a slight impression about how the site works from screenshots or reviews of the site, you will still have not had the hands-on experience which can so often be very important. By playing for free first, you can have a look around and see everything that the site has to offer. It is also a great opportunity to have a try at playing some games that you have never played before to see if you like them.

Experience The Games

If you have been playing on online casino games for a while, then you will understandably be picky about the kind of games you want to play. Perhaps you only like playing games that are in HD or have a specific design or odds. If that is the case, then playing for free during the early stages can be highly beneficial. This way you can have a look and see if the website you are using is offering the kind of games that you want to be playing. If it doesn't, then you can always leave and start a search for a new site, where you don’t have to make any deposits, and play for free.

Which Sites Offer Free Gaming?

It's important to note that not all online casino websites offer you the ability to play their games for free. Make sure that it is definitely a feature that is available on the casino website that you want to use before you sign up. If they do offer free gaming or even demo versions, then you should sit back and enjoy having a proper look around the site.

Originally developed for Comedy Central, the mega-hit show South Park (animated comedy) targets an adult audience. Its creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, based the show in the imaginary town called South Park in Colorado and in a similar way to other shows such as The Simpsons, it makes use of an extensive cast of characters who all appear at various times with the main characters – four boys, and the show follows their various off-the-wall adventures.

Best known for its strong language and satirical portrayal of various social issues – the show has become one of the all time great (and controversial) shows in TV history, spawning various South Park merchandise such as video games and even a South Park Quiz. The show is now in its nineteenth season.

So just how good is your South Park trivia knowledge?

The boys (main characters)

Of the four boys, Stan’s relationship with his parents and sister is the worst. In the show, Stan’s parents (Randy and Sharon) are divorced not once, but twice - and his sister (Shelley) habitually abuses him by beating him up. Stan’s family members actually got their names from the family of the writer, Trey Parker.

Kyle's hairstyle is based on the writer’s (Stone) own haircut when the show first started. Gerald and Sheila, Kyle’s parents, have the same names as Matt Stone’s parents, and Kyle is the only one of the four boys who is not Roman Catholic. He and his family are Jewish.
In season five of the show, Kyle was almost done away with – but eventually he was kept because he was such an integral character in the show.

Eric’s full name is Eric Theodore Cartman, and the majority of Eric’s lines are non-scripted – writer Trey Parker adlibs them, and in fact Eric is reported to be Parker’s number one character. One of Eric’s catchphrases, less used than some of his others, is the phrase "Ha ha, charade you are!" which is spoken with a British accent. And did you know that Eric’s hair has put in more appearances than that of any of the four boys? Stan’s hair comes second, followed by Kyle’s hair and finally Kenny’s.

The character of Kenny was based on a childhood friend of the writers, and years later there were rumours that he had been killed. Kenny’s voice is done by Matt Stone – simply speaking the lines into his hand or sleeve. Another Kenny, the young son of a Canadian family, was claimed by his mother to be suffering from severe trauma when the character Kenny died during each episode of the show.

In fact, the boy’s classmates used to make fun of him about it and his mother actually tried to get the show to change the character’s name - but without success.

Although it’s not that easy to catch exactly what Kenny says in each episode, all his lines are in fact scripted – and if you pay careful attention you can decipher most of Kenny’s lines. In the opening title sequence, Kenny’s utterances have been changed each time the show’s theme song has been changed over the years.

Among the problems that highly influence the capability for individuals to play in internet casinos is the basic fact that not everybody has the ability to control themselves when it comes to this fun activity. Plenty of individuals prefer to be competent to accomplish this; however they just can't due to the fact that whatever personality that these individuals have that causes them to be vulnerable to obsessive gambling routines. It's everybody's duty to control their own play to search for behavior of addictive gambling and to assist in keeping things in balance if they learn about this type of pattern.

There are a lot of different reviews and categories of questions available that are created to assist you in determining if you're presenting obsessive gambling routines, but there's a truly easy way to identify this with only one question: Is it possible to put aside affordable quantities of cash for your bankroll being an item in your entire budget and stick to that quantity rather than needing to deposit more? If you're able to accomplish this, then it's likely that that you aren't a victim of addictive gambling. If you can't, on the other hand, then you possibly are, and when this happens, then you must seek help.

Just like an alcoholic are unable to just delight in a few drinks, an obsessive gambler are unable to just take pleasure in bets of an affordable size. It's definitely not fair to see individuals with these sorts of behavior as being "less than" normal since it's truly from their hands. Down the exact same lines, those that do have this issue shouldn't think terribly of themselves because of it. On the other hand, they need to remember that they should make tactical and specific choices to avoid themselves from becoming a victim to their condition.

For instance, there is a lot of self- control, protective methods that you are able to use from inside the casino application itself.
Gambling and almost all other euro casino games involve a lot of skills. Those who say that these games are merely maneuvers of luck have got it wrong.A lot of skill sets, methodologies and mastery is involved and almost all the winners will tell you that in order to win, one should know all the strategies and technicalities of the games they play thoroughly. Thus, in this article, we will tell you how to be a master of your game; be it at sites such as betolimp or any other trusted sites, playing video poker, craps or black jack. The following tips will enable you to master the game and thus have an edge over the house and fellow players because of your superior knowledge.

1. First and foremost, you should know the basic strategies and rules of the games thoroughly. There is simply no excuse when it come to the knowledge regarding the game you are playing. Moreover, also remember the tips and tricks regarding your favorite game so that you can have an advantage over the other players.

2. Start your game with a goal and always devise a strategy to chase that goal. Plus, set a budget limit and place your bets progressively. DO NOT overstate your bets. This way you will play your game with confidence, won’t shiver at the prospect of losing and will have an escape route if the need arises.

3. Manage your money. If you don’t have the resources then don’t bet or you will play a scared and desperate game, and chances are that you will lose big. If you have the resources, then bet smartly and on appropriate timings. Be aware of the bonuses and special moves that the game incorporates.

4. You should always be ready for closure. Don’t be greedy and never chase after your lost money, or you will end up losing even more. Set a losing limit and don’t cross that. There will be temptations of course but resist, and know when the game is out of your hands so that you can leave the game proud and strong.

5. Be realistic when playing and know that you won’t always win. Practice your game and know your preferences and strengths. Most importantly stay focused during the game.

The above mentioned tips will ensure that you stay ahead of your peers and come out a master most of the times. Also, remember that mastery comes only when you enjoy what you do. So, don’t forget to have fun and play smart!

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