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One of the things related to poker we hear about on a daily basis is how people risk their money and properties when gambling, as we also hear about individuals becoming very rich by playing a game they had never considered becoming a pro in. The difference between these two kinds of persons is not only expertise, but also avoiding some very common mistakes online poker players commit. If you don’t want to be one of them, here are some good tips for you about things to avoid when playing online poker.

• Crawl before you start running - Just because it’s online, it doesn’t mean you can play it without knowing the rules and practicing. Indeed, there are many online games in which you don't need to master them perfectly before playing them, but online poker is not like them. Some online poker sites even have a poker school like this one, so as to help players understand tricks and tips to play the game before they put their money down. So if you think you may use some advice before starting you definitely need to check out some of those tips.

• Don’t play too many hands - Playing poker is a matter of patience, strategy and calm. It’s a game in which there are times when you have to refrain from playing. Just because the cards you have in your hands are good doesn’t mean you ought to play them. Play only when the odds of winning are at your favor, when you feel the other players on the table have a far worse point than yours. Generally speaking, the player who plays last (which is the one dealing the cards) is the one with the most important advantage, since at that point the other players have already placed their bet, and the lower the bet is the more likely it is that they don't have good cards. If the stakes on the table are high and your point isn't that amazing, it's better to pass and save money than to risk and loose it all.

• Keep an eye on your bankroll - Again, poker is a game that requires capacity of control and discipline. Don’t play your chips just because you have them, or you’ll end up with zero bills in a split second. Indeed, bankroll management guidelines are not made to take money from players, but to help them understand their limits and control.

• Consider your mood - We wouldn’t want to be repetitive, but attitude in poker is all. You should never play when you are angry, tired, vengeful or stressed. There is a high risk of you not being able to think straight, and thus lead you to bet higher than you should, yearning for some kind of victory or strong emotions. However, emotions and poker are a lethal cocktail: if you want to truly win in these conditions, don’t play! Check out for signs on the table, and if you sense it's not going to be your day, leave.

• Keep your opponents in mind - many poker players tend to play only considering the cards in their hands and the games they are doing. However, poker is also about considering and studying the moves of the others and the fact that their opponents could have better games than your own. Pick up on patterns and tells. Understand the way they approach the game and what strategy they adopt when they have a good game in their hands.

• To bluff or not to bluff? - Bluffing is an art, and not anytime is the best time to pretend you hold an incredible game. If you're not an expert in the subject here's a tip: when your opponents are not betting high it means they're not too sure about their game, which is the perfect time to pretend yours is the best of them all; sure you will not have incredible winnings, but in case you suffer from a loss it won't be as much as when the stakes are high. for more information, casino comparing and reviews go online for casinos reviews and recommendations.

Earning some serious money only by hitting a single button is certainly something amazing. This can surely be possible if you are able to give considerable importance to slot machine. You may have to visit a casino in order to play slots. However, there is no need to be worried about this particular aspect because you can surely utilize internet as well in order to earn a lot of money by gambling on internet. Playing online slots isn’t an issue due to recent development in technological sectors. Now you can be a part of online slot games with ease through internet. There won’t be any issues for you to earn some serious money with ease if you are going to attain better payback percentage for slot games. This can be a possibility with the help of excellent and reliable online casinos.

There is a major probability that you will be making a lot of money, if you are able to find better source of playing online slots. There won’t be a great difference in playing a video slot machine game and online slot. You will be able to get similar experience and it’d be easier for you to earn good money as well, just by spinning the wheel of your luck in your favor. This is the simplest and easiest way to gamble and earn as you aren’t even required to be concerned about a specific gambling strategy. However, you need to be a bit careful about your bets and a specific tactic of bet is certainly vital in order to attain good results. Similarly, only the finest, reliable and better payout percentage websites are required to be kept in mind when it comes to gambling through online slots. The probability of getting desirable outcomes can surely be increased with it.

To manage your betting at All Slots, the premier Australian casino, set aside funds you can afford to lose and then to stop betting if you reach that limit. Too often, people ride a wave of winning and expect it to last long after their luck has shifted.

Fun, entertainment, enjoyment, excitement and winnings can surely be brought altogether with the assistance of online blackjack. While considering the best online gambling games, you can’t forget that online blackjack is certainly the finest. It has been among the most played games of the world. You can find out much more at online. Similarly, the popularity of blackjack has been increased a lot during the past 10 years. Moreover, it is an excellent gambling game because of the fact that the probability of higher winnings can surely be excelled with online blackjack. This is an easy and better way to earn a lot of money. This is the reason that blackjack has been able to get the attention of top gamblers in the world. If you are willing to gamble and win then, online blackjack surely is the finest game for you.

You just need to make sure that you will be gamble through the best website so that there will be no issues for you regarding reliability. It’d be easier for you to attain good results with ease if you are able to find a top notch website. Similarly, you need to develop a unique gameplay technique so that you could be able to defeat your opponent. Luck is also required in Blackjack because it won’t be easier for you to attain good results without having better luck. Good gameplay strategy and fortune can surely be resulting in your favor and you can surely earn with ease through this particular improvisation. You need to be aware of the fact that random number generation is also crucial while playing on the internet. It won’t be easier for you to keep things in perspectives unless your online casino is using random number generating software. You can surely have greater earning, better fun and enjoyment with the help of online blackjack.

Poker is a game of cards and you can enjoy it both in live and online casinos. Playing online poker casino has certain advantages and some of them are:

1. Lot of money is saved when you play poker online because you don’t have to travel and the money usually spent towards food and drink in live casinos is also saved.

2. When you play online you can start playing on more than one table at a time. If you are new then it is always better not to try the trick. But player who have got the hang of the game can play on more than one table at a time. This increases the excitement in the game and you do not have to wait for the opponent to finish his/her turn. Along with positive, this technique also brings in some negative points. Playing on more than one table at a time can bring in distraction thus if you are not an expert it is always better not to try the trick.

3. Keeping track of opponents is easy when you are playing online. Most of the site allows their players to add notes box and scribble in it so that they can record important things that they noticed about their opponent. Buddy list is another advantage provided by online poker site to help keep you track of other players. Using the list you can see when your opponent has logged in and on which table did he/she played last time.

4. Recording all necessary points of your own game will help you improve and avoid mistakes. It is effortless to keep a track of your own game when you play online. You can make use of session statistics provided by the site. The statistics will have all the records which include the time you logged in, the number of hands you played and also how many times you won or lost the game. You can also use the record keeping software to pursue your game. The software usually has record of everything thus you can check the history and learn from your mistakes.
The Californian poker market has been trying to get through new important legislation that could see the bill getting approved in the near future. The bill, which aims to provide a safe and staunchly regulated online poker industry, intends to make the game legal to play without California turning into a new Las Vegas.

No one wants that - especially not Vegas!

Millions of reasons

For the fifth consecutive year, the internet is full of talks of online poker making its way to California. However, this attempt seems more likely to happen, and concrete plans have been laid with local casinos and websites, meaning that it does indeed look like poker legalisation in the state may be on its merry little way.

A study done by Academicon and Poker Scout estimates that the online poker market alone could be worth up to $384 million per year within the next 10 years. The study also claimed that the very first year of revenue could top $263 million, and all of it taxable. That’s a lot of reasons for legislation to hurry up and pass.

Professor Kahlil Philander is an author of that very study, and he thinks that whilst the legalisation is indeed bound to be fruitful, the only true way to judge is to wait and see what happens.

He commented, “Under regulation, online poker is expected to grow well beyond its previous peak. The size of the market depends strongly on the decision to either limit the player pool to in-state residents or participate in a federal or international network of players.”

Viva Las Vegas

Despite online gambling being legal in only Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware - that’s just three out of the 50 states - for many years now, poker remains popular within the USA. With some experts arguing that the whole of the US may not fully allow gambling until the end of this decade, casinos and gambling websites across the land are pushing for the legislation to come quicker.

Las Vegas, Nevada is already known worldwide as the place to be if you like a flutter, but its wide variation of legal online free poker games and high stake casino betting means that money gets spread across many different outlets. And that’s the problem – who gets the biggest slice of the pie?

Would a California gambling bill affect Las Vegas a lot? Would players stop coming to the desert to have a good time and gamble, instead choosing to stay at home?

The opinion of Californians

A survey conducted recently within the state of California showed that a massive 68% of local residents are in favour of an online gambling industry, as long as there are poker rules and regulations put in place to prevent the problem of gambling addiction. However, despite the popularity of the bill, there is still a long and rocky road ahead towards legalisation.

Given that online poker was only made officially legal in Nevada in April last year, the fact that California hasn’t caught up yet is understandable.

There are two bills being considered currently. They would allow online poker, but casino games would remain illegal. So no worries on that front, Las Vegas!

The situation is confusing, to say the very least. The very question of an online regulated poker market comes in to question when you can access these sites in your state – albeit illegally. But some people do argue that there is a huge untapped market that is taxable – the US government would have to be naïve to think that it wasn’t worth investigating.

The demand and support for the industry is certainly there.

If you’ve ever been to a physical casino, you’re already well aware of the countless games that are available for you to play, like raaputusarvat for instance, but did you know that you can get the same experience at an online casino from the comfort of your own chair? It's probably why the digitised casinos are growing with popularity all the time.

Although there are some places out there that don’t provide the full works, the best online casinos have pulled together a package for their players that is just as good as the real thing, if not better!

But what do we mean by this package and what can you expect from your day or evening at an online casino?

Well, first of all, they’re always open, day or night. Whether it’s a quick flutter before bed or a weekend spin of the roulette wheel, whenever you’re up, so are the online casino games. This clearly makes it incredibly tempting to spend a lot of time there, so make sure you gamble responsibly at whatever time of day you turn up!

Secondly, a lot of the bigger sites also offer new users an introductory offer. We’ve recently seen some that are worth as much as £500, which is a decent amount in anyone’s money. However, before you sign up, you should always make sure to read the small print to make sure you don’t get stung by having to bet a massive amount of money before you can take anything out. We’ve seen that happen before and it’s not a pretty sight.

Whenever you do venture over and decide to open an account, just take a quick look at the games and other features that are on offer to you. The vast majority of online casinos offer blackjack, roulette and a host of slots titles but the ones you want to look out for are those that have unusual games among their ranks, or even sports betting.

Pay attention on the site as well because some casinos also offer VIP access to events and other privileges for their most loyal players. Now, we’re not saying that you should spend all your money at the casino. But if you find a casino you enjoy, head back there every time you’re looking to bet or play because there could be some rewards waiting for you.

Finally, see if the site you’re looking to use has a mobile app available like this: mobiilicasinot. You might be in the mood to place a small wager while you’re waiting for a train or travelling by coach somewhere. And it’s handy to know you can make that bet on the go, without having to open up numerous accounts with lots of different casinos. Remember, whichever service you choose to go with, stick to your limits, gamble responsibly and walk away when the fun stops.

Celebrities and poker are a match made in heaven.

For a start, lots of celebs have more money than they know what to do with, so the poker table is an obvious choice for some free-spending fun.

For a casino manager, having a movie star or sports legend in your building not only means they will be spending big bucks on your tables – it also means hordes of people will be clamouring to join them. And lots of those people will have no idea how to win at poker.

So the celebrity gets to have some fun with their dough, members of the public get to gawp at their heroes, while the casino bosses watch the money rolling on home.

The rise in popularity of poker has led to a surge in the number of celebrities trying their hand at the table over the last 20 years, and casinos have not been slow to cotton on to the benefits this can bring them.

Many stars have focused their poker on charity events, helping to raise millions for good causes by boosting the profile of poker tournaments that support charity campaigns.

But others have taken the game to a more serious level, and some have even turned it into their profession.

But just who are these poker playing celebrities?

Leonardo DiCaprio

This Hollywood heavyweight’s love for poker is well-known, and he combined his work with his hobby when he took the role of producer on the 2009 film Runner Runner (see below), which starred Justin Timberlake as a former Wall Street banker who gets into financial difficulty playing poker online.

The film wasn’t a huge hit by any means, but DiCaprio remains a keen poker player, as Molly Bloom – the woman dubbed ‘The Poker Princess’ – revealed in her 2014 memoir Molly’s Game, which claimed DiCaprio played in her $100,000 buy-in circle.


Pamela Anderson

To say Pamela Anderson’s relationship with poker has been tumultuous would be like saying Barb Wire was a slightly disappointing film.

The former Baywatch star claims poker is in her blood, having grown up in a family of players. Her interest led her to set up her own online poker site,, only for her to back out of the venture, claiming she didn’t know enough about what she was getting into. The success of sites like betfair poker in the years since must make Anderson which she had done her research!

More recently, she has claimed that her estranged husband Rick Salomon is dodging a $40 million tax bill on his poker winnings. He must be some player!

Paris Hilton

Another celebrity poker player with a link to Rick Salomon – albeit this time for reasons we are less likely to discuss on this website – is Paris Hilton.

The 34-year-old socialite and television personality certainly isn’t short of money to spend at the tables, with her net worth being estimated at around $100 million.

Seen frequenting casinos at various stages throughout her career in the media limelight, Hilton reportedly developed an obsession with poker, and was confident in her abilities as a player.

But doubts over whether she had the skills to back up that confidence were added to when she reportedly lost a game at her parents’ Las Vegas casino that cost her a Bentley worth $175,000.

A drop in the ocean to the Hiltons, perhaps, but still a bad enough loss to see Paris banned from playing at the family casino and sent to gambling therapy to stem her bad habits.

Teri Hatcher

Though she claims not to be a gambler, Teri took part in the 2010 World Poker Tour Celebrity Invitational in LA, in aid of the Chrysalis homeless charity, and she certainly seems to know a thing or two about how to play.

She might have been knocked out in the second round of the tournament, but she carried on playing the tables after that, putting her college mathematics major to good use.


Tomas Brolin

Depending on where in the world you come from, Tomas Brolin is either a hero or an anti-hero. The Swedish soccer player rose to fame with his superb performances for his country in both the European Championships of 1992 and the USA World Cup in 1994. But his club career, which had been going swimmingly in Italy at Parma, unraveled when he moved to England to join Leeds United, where he scored just four goals in two years.

After quitting football, Brolin pursued a number of different businesses before finding his forte at the poker table. He has been active on the World Series since 2006, and has cashed twice in the European Poker Tour.


Adam Sandler

One of the most recognizable faces regularly seen at celebrity poker tournaments is that of Adam Sandler, who seems to love nothing more than a night out at the casino playing a few hands and raising money for good causes.

The Waterboy star has been the star attraction at a number of high profile events over the last 10 years. He joined the likes of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon at the 2007 World Poker Tournament to raise money for the campaigns concerning the humanitarian crises in Sudan.

He then took a seat at a follow-up event at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in 2008, alongside Don Cheadle and Annie Duke amongst many others.

A year later in 2009, Sandler completed a trio of fundraisers for the Ante Up For Africa campaign, playing at the Europe Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament, raising more than $2 million for the cause.


Michael Phelps

If you’re the most decorated Olympian of all time, you probably crave competition pretty much all the time.

As a competitive swimmer, Michael Phelps won 22 Olympic medals, including 18 golds, and was the most successful athlete of the Olympics on three separate occasions.

Phelps took early retirement at the age of 27 after his world-shattering success in the sport of swimming, but admitted that he became bored during retirement and struggled to find things to do.

One pastime he took up was poker, and – surprise, surprise – he was really good at it.

Phelps had made a final table at the 2008 Caesars Palace Classic, so his poker pedigree was good before he went to Las Vegas to join the 44th annual World Series of Poker festival in 2013.

He joined a $5,000 no-limit hold’em tournament, claiming he got talked into it, but showed enough skills to suggest a career in poker could be an option for the man known as ‘The Flying Fish’, even though he has since gotten back into the pool to swim competitively again.

Teddy Sheringham

Having enjoyed a glittering soccer career for Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham and England, Teddy Sheringham turned his hand to poker and proved to be just as much of a talent.

As a footballer, Sheringham was known for his intelligence and his opportunism. He was just as likely to be the mastermind behind a goal created for a teammate, as he was to be the man putting the ball into the net himself.

After his football career ended in 2008, at the ripe old footballing age of 42, Sheringham quickly made a name for himself in some big poker tournaments at tables around the world.

Within five years of retiring from football, the man who scored 11 goals in 51 appearances for his country had also claimed $330,000 worth of live tournament cashes and appeared at the European Poker Tour final table, as well as having cashed at two World Series of Poker tournaments.

Sheringham made it to 388th position in the WSOP main event in 2012, and he went on to buy into the World Poker Tour National London event in 2013.

Now back in soccer as the manager of English minnows Stevenage, it remains to be seen whether Sheringham will return to the poker tables, or whether his passion for football will be reignited once again.


Gabe Kaplan

Depending on when you were born, you may remember Gabe Kaplan for very different talents.

In the 1960s, Kaplan was a working stand-up comedian, touring New York City and gaining a reputation as a funny man. This reputation led to him making appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and landed him a TV gig on Welcome Back, Kotter.

His TV career went well, and he went on to appear in several movies, and his stand-up tours brought him further acclaim. But all the while, as he was establishing himself as an entertainment star, Kaplan was forging a career that would serve him well once his TV days were over.

As early as 1978, Kaplan appeared at the World Series of Poker, and this would be the start of a lucrative hobby that turned into his full-time career.

Today, Kaplan’s total WSOP & Circuit earnings stand at a staggering $539,159, including a second-placed finish at 2005’s 26th annual WSOP event, which landed him $222,515.

Controversy struck for Kaplan in 2011, when he had to pay back winnings he accrued in a series of “underground” Hollywood poker games that also featured actors Tobey Maguire and Matt Damon.

A lawsuit was filed against Kaplan by a bankruptcy trustee, after it was found that Kaplan won money that belonged to the victims of a Ponzi scheme set up by one of the participants, Bradley Rudderman.

But Kaplan, who is also known to be a shrewd financial investor, agreed to pay back $27,900 of his reported $62,000 winnings to settle the case, and his status as one of professional poker’s true legends remains intact.


Ben Affleck

Gambling is a big part of life off screen for Hollywood superstar Ben Affleck. When he is not taking on the role of Batman, or directing hard-hitting political dramas like Argo, Ben likes to blow off steam in the Casino.

But he doesn’t just take his huge Hollywood earnings and fritter them at the tables. He plays to win.

In 2004, he became the first film star to win a major poker open, when he took down Tobey Maguire on his way to winning the California State Poker Championship’s $10,000 buy-in event. His winnings: a cool $356,400 and a place on the World Poker Tour the following year.

Having been coached in poker by the likes of Gabe Kaplan, Affleck also has a rare talent in the art of Blackjack, having developed a technique so effective that casinos refuse to let him play the game.

His card-counting on the Blackjack tables led staff at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas to ask him not to play the game, but it would seem he keeps himself plenty busy with poker not to need Blackjack as well.

Affleck has struggled with heavy drinking in the past, prompting him to take spells in rehab to overcome his dependence on alcohol, and his wife, actress Jennifer Garner, has said in the past that gambling is a welcome distraction from the booze.

During the filming of Batman, Affleck took to the casinos of Detroit for long sessions at the poker tables, and onlookers remarked on his apparently dishevelled appearance.

But it seems poker is likely to remain part of Affleck’s life, even though he has yet to recapture his lucrative wins of 2004, and he made poker a part of his film career too when he starred in Runner Runner, alongside Justin Timberlake and Gemma Arterton.

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